Italian Food Excellences
for your Independent Food Store

Consumers want the best food on their table. They are challenging the old food industry and looking more and more for authentic and emerging brands.

Savorita is a new distribution solution with the end-consumer in mind. We give you access to the excellence of Italian gourmet food, connecting your store with small Italian Brands of typical gourmet products, excellences at local level but unknown internationally.

We bring to your store the best Italian products, the artisanal, the organic, the plant-based, the superior quality, the authentic savor of the ancient italian food traditions.

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A Unique

A unique catalogue with authentic Gourmet products for your store. Give your customer original products that they will love

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Only Products
that sell

On your shelves you will sell only Gourmet Excellences from local Italian producers that didn't export before.

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Start with small batches

We facilitate import even for small batches, minimizing waste and order requirements with right-size inventory.

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All your Italian Brands in a single check-out

Easy ordering, deliveries, invoicing, and customer service with your own dedicated customer service representative.

Grow with style

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Supercharge your growth

We support growing business, it doesn’t matter if you are a small independent store or you are about to open, you will supercharge your growth with us and with our amazing Italian food.

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We make the best Italian food accessible

You can say goodbye to the old-school markups and hidden fees that make good food unaffordable. We want to build an equitable food system.

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Easy process, no risks

Zero starting costs, no subscription, zero management costs, zero hidden fees. Everyone can start with incredible small batches. The more you buy, the less you pay, the more you get. Reorder whenever you like, only if you like. Our data driven system will help you get only the products that sell.

Muy buena comunicacion, envio rapido de los productos e inclusive nos ayudaron traduciendo las etiquetas de los productos a el idioma que necesitabamos. Great service

We are born to support local businesses like yours, so you will be part of a community of Independent Retailers and Producers. 

We are a European-based company, but our products are made in Italy. From small businesses to small businesses: we believe in the power of independent entrepreneurships, like you.

01     Your one-stop Italian gourmet shop for wholesale

02     An ever growing selection of Italian regional delicatessen

03     The network that enables local brands and retailers to succeed

04     The B2B distribution solution with the end consumers in mind.

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Empowering Independent Food Stores and Local Italian Brands

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If you already run your Independent Food Store or plan to open it soon, Savorita will make your store UNIQUE.

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We are growing by the day! New Brands every month, over 400 authentic products, 25 products categories.

Join our community of Independent Food Retailers and Producers

Available in the European Union

Distribution when and where you need it.

We can service any food retailer in the European Union
with authentic Made in Italy products.

We are now operational in Tallinn, Prague, BrnoCracovia, Warsaw, WroclawBudapest, Bratislava, Ljubljana, Zagreb, Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, Sofia, København, Stockholm, Helsinki, Riga and Vilnius.

Still Questions? We've got the answers!

Savorita is born for small shops like yours, our model is created so that you do not need to buy large quantities or have a big storage room. Our “Sale Unit” per product is usually between 6 and 12 jars or packs, so you can start by buying 10-20 different kinds of products and place them all on one shelf. No need for storage rooms or complicated logistics: dedicate a shelf to them and reorder only when you need it (and you will need it soon, since we bet you will sell our products very fast!). Check our catalogue –> www.savorita.eu/catalogue/

No. We will never ask you to change your distributor, we are offering you the opportunity to place on your shelves other, new products, original and authentic from Italy. 

Chances are that you already have “Italian products”, which are not really Italian or come from big distribution. Savorita products are artisan Italian products, produced by small excellences and not available with distributors, they are special products because of how they are made and their scarcity: they are top quality. We selected only local, small brands, which are not available through other channels, so you will offer to your customers unique products that they cannot find elsewhere. And they will love and buy them.

Our products are top quality, so they always come in the range of top quality products price, dedicated to a selected clientele, more refined and more inclined to spend more on food in exchange for top quality. Our data-driven system and our market research will allow us to suggest to  you the right retail price for each product, aligned with the prices of top quality Italian products in your Country or city, and with the proper income for your store.

We are proud to offer customized offers to our buyers. Based on our data-driven system and your spending limit, we can offer you the right products, for example a selection of best-selling in your Country or a selection of products that fits the price range of your clientele. 

You can start with as low as 1.000€ anytime, but sometimes we also make special offers to enter Savorita with a lower amount, so that anyone can start with almost zero risk.

Of course you are. We have specific plans to allow you to save money based on the volumes of products that you will buy every month.

Ready to get started?

Make Savorita your solution for Authentic Italian food in your store.

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Empowering Independent Food Stores and Local Italian Brands

Find your next best-seller on Savorita

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If you already run your Independent Food Store or plan to open it soon, Savorita will make your store UNIQUE.

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