About Us

At Savorita, we believe in
the art of Italian local
gourmet food.

Chase your dream in the market of Italian food philosophy

Savorita is a European-based company that specializes in authentic Italian food: we connect Independent Food stores with local Italian Brands.

If you are an Independent Food Entrepreneur, Savorita will give you access to a wide range of food brands and products, and you will sell healthy and sustainable products, from authentic Italian local producers: your customers will love them, they will enjoy delicious and healthy food and they will thank you for that.

A happy customer is a recurring customer. Fill your shelves with the true Italian gourmet trends and more and more customers will come back to buy over and over.

Join Savorita and do not accept anything less: how many brands that imitate Italian products are available? A lot. Are they cheap? Probably. Are they tasty? Not even a bit of original Italian products. We can tell: we are Italian, we traveled a lot and we tried Italian food all over the world.

Boost your sales by finding your Italian next best-seller products

This is just the beginning

We created Savorita in 2022 with a simple vision:

We believe in the positive drive of empowering independent entrepreneurs to spread healthy food habits and a sustainable food economy.

We connect independent food stores with authentic Italian local food brands.

We want to empower independent food businesses, redefining their success thanks to the Italian ancient food tradition, and spreading a healthy and sustainable food economy from the producers to the consumers.

Our mission

Our work is to make selected food stores and restaurants around Europe unique and beautiful places, where customers can find a true original selection of excellent gourmet products from Italy, beautifully packaged and incredibly tasting.

The founders

Entrepreneur and Aerospace Engineer.
Co-Founder of Siland Group OU, CEO of Savorita.
Co-Founder of AR dream srls, an Italian company doing 3D modeling and prototyping with 3D printing.


Entrepreneur, Lawyer, Postdoc.
PhD in Law and expert in Behavioral Law and Economics.
Postdoc Researcher at the University of Salento.
Co-Founder of Siland Group OU, COO of Savorita.


The future of Health food is Italian and local

Today, Savorita is the full-service marketplace where Food Stores and Restaurants discover their Italian next best-seller products with authentic and unique Italian food Brands.

We are a B2B distribution solution that boosts international sales for our brand and retail partners with logistics management, cutting-edge technology, data enrichment and value-add services.

01     Your one-stop Italian gourmet shop for wholesale

02     An ever growing selection of Italian regional delicatessen

03     The network that enables local brands and retailers to succeed

04     The B2B distribution solution with the end consumers in mind.

Together, we will build the unique business of your dreams.

Our offices



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Contact US

Savorita is a brand of Siland Group OÜ
Ahtri 12, 10151 Tallinn, Estonia, Attn: E-Residency HUB OÜ.
Estonia registration number: 16446070
VAT number: EE102470473.

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Empowering Independent Food Stores and Local Italian Brands

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