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Save Your Time. Our Members Save Up to 15 Hours Every Month!

Boost Your Margins. Our Members enjoy the Benefits of Gourmet Italian Products!

Exclusive Products. No Sharing with Other Stores in Your City. Free Shipping, less costs.

How It Works

Once confirmed, we prepare the order.

We manage the shipping to your door

We take care of payments and invoices

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You sell the products and give us a feedback

Our Algorithm improves the selection

One Place to Find Your Next Best-Selling Products

We select for you only artisanal and gourmet food products made by small, sustainable Italian producers.

You will have a selections of only high-end, top quality products, dedicated to your best customers

Tired to spend hours sourcing products?

Algorithm Precision

Our Algorithm Finds the Best Products Selection for Your Store

Human Review

Your Dedicated Account Manager Reviews Every Selection

Buy at the Best Wholesale Price

If you find cheaper prices, we can match them.

What sets Savorita apart from the rest?

Featuring Winter 2023 Brands

18 Brands from 7 Regions in Italy. Family-Owned, Local Brands, Gourmet Products, Artisanal Recipes

Request Our Monthly Best-Sellers

Add  your favorite products to your wishlist. All producs are available also in small batches

A Nice Deal for Brands and Stores

We Help Brands Grow

We select local Italian brands, producing in an artisanal and sustainable way

By Facilitating Their Export

Savorita gives visibility to local brands and receives top wholesale price and conditions 

To Help Stores Earn

Savorita members get authentic gourmet products with high margin and exclusivity

And While Competitors Drown You in Choices, We Streamline Your Experience

We Select the Brands One by One

There are not countless amazing brands and millions of great products. We handpick each brand and product to guarantee the best results

And We Facilitate Products Selection

Savorita mixes algorithm precision and human experience to provide a unique selection tailored on your store. And we become better over time

To Save Members Time and Resources

With Savorita you don’t need to browse millions of products: you save time and still mantain full power on your choices

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