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for your Restaurant

Savorita4Restaurant is a special initiative from Savorita to make your restaurant UNIQUE in your community.

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Attract and retain

With our marketing ideas, you will get the word out about how innovative your restaurant is and you will attract new customers. 

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Keep up with the

We will give you a way to stand out and offer something unique. We can help you to build customer loyalty and keep them coming back to the store.

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Only one restaurant
per city

Unique is unique. We promise we give our Marketing idea only to one restaurant in every city we work.

01.   We believe in the positive power of Healthy Food and Independent Entrepreneurship. We are born to support local businesses like yours.

02    We are a community of Independent Food Entrepreneurs. From small businesses to small businesses.

03    We are a European-based company, and the products of our Brands are made in Italy, by Authentic, Local Italian Food Brands.

You‘re probably wondering how you can get your restaurant‘s name out there and attract more customers. 

Marketing is a necessary evil for any business, but it‘s especially difficult for small, independent restaurants who don‘t have a lot of time or resources to devote to it.

The majority of diners choose a restaurant based on its location, cuisine, and price. However, these factors don’t guarantee that a restaurant will be successful. In fact, many restaurants fail each year because they don’t have a good marketing strategy.

01.   We will customize our marketing idea on your needs

02.   We will take care of all the marketing material you may need for our special idea

03.   We will manage the ordering and shipping of all products you will need to realize our idea

04.   We will design our innovative marketing idea so that it’s financially bulletproof: it will cost you nothing

05.   You do what you do best: take care of your restaurant and your customers

Available in the European Union

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Empowering Independent Restaurants and Local Italian Brands

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If you already run your Restaurant or plan to open it soon, Savorita will make your restaurant UNIQUE.

Be unique in your city with

Your next unique catalog


One Place to Find Your Next Best-Selling Products

We vet and select artisanal and sustainable food producers one by one.

Only artisanal and gourmet food products made by small, sustainable Italian producers are admitted in our catalog.

Brand Selection

  • We visit the farms
  • We meet the owners
  • We negotiate the best deal

Product Selection

  • We taste the products
  • We choose the packaging
  • We assess the market value

Brands with a story

We help each brand spread their authentic story, and make export easy for them

Featuring Spring 2024 Brands

18 Brands from 7 Regions in Italy. Family-Owned, Local Brands, Gourmet Products, Artisanal Recipes

Your benefits

Long story short, what benefits will you get from Savorita?


You will increase your earnings


Products with high margin

Premium quality attracts customers, ensuring quicker turnover and increased revenue.

Top-quality products​ sell faster

Maximize profitability through premium Italian products, with a secure return on investment.


You will get more customers


You will sell exclusive products

Customers are attracted by exclusive products and you will be able to exclusively offer sought-after Italian gourmet products, that no one else in the city has.

You will anticipate your customers' trends

Stay ahead of consumer preferences with innovative Italian delicacies, anticipating and meeting evolving market demands.


You will save time on products sourcing


You will have customized selections

Our algorithm allows you to optimize product sourcing efficiency with personalized assortments of high-demand Italian gourmet items.

You will buy from vetted brands

We ensure product reliability and reputation by incorporating only vetted Italian brands into our catalog


You will save money on suppliers


We simplify the process for you

All brands in one payment and one shipment — effortlessly manage logistics for a seamless and efficient operation, stop wasting money on shipping.

You will buy at best price

Secure unbeatable prices, ensuring you enjoy maximum profitability and business success. We match any lower price you can find online.

Selections created around you


Say goodbye to spending hours sourcing new products online


We gather and analyze all the available data about your store, your market and our products and we do our magic


  • Product characteristics
  • Product historical sales performance
  • Customers’ feedback


  • Country-specific data on the food industry market
  • Country market data on food categories


  • Consumers’ demands
  • Sales figures
  • Market trends
  • Specific needs and goals

Our Data-Driven algorithm learns your customers’ trends and gives back a customized selection. Our human expert reviews the selection to further improve it.

The result is a perfect AI+Humans curated selections dedicated to your store.

That’s not all: the algorithm learns and becomes better over time!

Your Corner of Italy


We Are a Dedicated Gourmet Food Curator and Supplier for your store

Think of us as your personal curator and supplier, selecting top-quality, gourmet products tailored specifically for your food store.

Your Exclusive Corner of Italy.
Uniquely attractive
Italian gourmet products.

Exclusive Products. No Sharing with Other Stores in Your City. Free Shipping, less costs.

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