9 Reasons to Shift Towards a Sustainable Food Economy

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The way the food industry currently works is having a damaging impact on the planet. We are seeing a trend towards unhealthy eating habits and too-industrial food. It’s time to break away from this and start to take action, by shifting to a more sustainable food economy.


The way we produce and consume food has an immense impact on the livelihoods of individuals, the health of society and the sustainability of our environment. As the world’s population continues to grow, it is becoming increasingly important to shift away from conventional and destructive methods of food production and towards a more sustainable food economy.

A sustainable food economy would take into account the resources available to us, the impact of food on society and the planet, and the need for more ethical and healthy food habits.

Here, we look at nine reasons why shifting towards a sustainable food economy is essential for the future.

1. Quality & Taste

When it comes to sustainably-sourced, artisanal food products, their quality is often better than the mass-produced goods from the supermarket. This is because artisanal food is usually hand-crafted in small batches of fresh produce, resulting in better flavour and texture.

2. Global Economy

A shift to a sustainable food economy can have a positive impact on economy. With artisanal food brands increasingly popular, customers are more likely to pay a premium for these goods as opposed to mass-manufactured food. This can have a positive effect on local, sustainable food businesses and in turn, their local economies.

3. The example of the Italian food culture

Italy is renowned for its fantastic food culture, and this would benefit greatly from a shift towards more sustainable methods of food production and consumption. Artisanal brands are the backbone of Italian food scenes, with independent food producers ensuring quality, integrity and sustainability.

4. The importance of Independent food producers

At the heart of a sustainable food economy is a shift away from mass-manufactured food towards independent, artisanal brands. It is essential that more of these food producers are supported and encouraged, in order to achieve the change we so desperately need.

5. Fresh produce

Sustainably-sourced artisanal food is usually made from fresh produce, as opposed to pre-packaged, pre-prepared foods. This not only improves the taste and flavour of the food, but it also reduces waste and encourages us to shop smarter.

6. On demand

Another benefit of a shift to a sustainable food economy is that we can shop for exactly what we need, when we need it. Artisanal food producers are usually happy to make bespoke orders, meaning customers get exactly what they want and nothing more.

7. Food security

As the population continues to grow, there is the potential for food insecurity to increase. By shifting to a sustainable food economy, we can ensure that those in need always have access to the food they need.

8. Healthy habits

A sustainable food economy encourages healthier food habits. With more artisanal brands on the shelves, the public are more likely to opt for healthier, tastier options over mass-manufactured products.

9. Sustainable food industry is good for the economy

Finally, a shift to a sustainable food economy will benefit the industry as a whole. Sustainable food production and consumption help to reduce waste and ensure the future of the food industry is one that is kind to the planet.


It is clear that a shift towards a more sustainable food economy is essential.

The way the food industry currently works is having a damaging impact on the planet. We need to take action and start to move away from too-industrial food and shift towards a more sustainable food economy.

As the world moves on to a more sustainable future, it is important to consider the role of food. By recognizing the need to build a more sustainable food economy, we can ensure a more secure, ethical and environmentally-friendly future for food.

By supporting independent food producers who craft their products in an artisanal way, introducing healthier food habits, and reducing waste, we can achieve a more secure, ethical and environmentally-friendly future for food. Shifting to a sustainable food economy is essential for the health of our planet and the future of the food industry.

It is time to take action and make a change.


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